Recent Projects

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Here is some examples of the project we recently excecuted.


Commercial Strategy - NMT

Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), the branch organization for the Dutch maritime supplier domain, faced challenges in its innovation department. By offering industry knowledge, and proficiency in budgeting and strategy, we revitalized the department's plan in a 12-week project in close collaboration with colleagues at NMT.

Our focus was on redefining the value proposition of innovation projects, integrating them better within NMT, enhancing their relevance for members, and refining financial reporting. Strengthening inter-departmental collaboration was also a priority.

The outcomes were tangible: two new team members were recruited, financial reporting saw significant improvement, and the innovation projects found a more defined place within NMT. This clears the way for growth of the innovation department, ensuring Dutch maritime suppliers maintain their position as innovators.


10 week Sales Sprint - Greener Power Solutions

Greener Power Solutions is the world's largest company for renting containerized batteries, mainly focusing on land-based solutions. Recently, we explored the potential of expanding into offshore and maritime markets and identified new applications.


During the Sales Sprint we made a thorough market overview, we pinpointed new markets, with a special emphasis on shore power. Listed and engaged with relevant parties and generating new leads. The outcome? A noticeable shift in the sales team's focus towards shore power, leading to a significant increase in revenue from this area.

Notably, Greener's containerized batteries played a crucial role in a groundbreaking project—the first Dutch electric tugboat with containerized batteries.

"Ilse did an outstanding job updating our in-house innovation department strategy. Her ability to understand the purpose of innovation projects and improve the proposition, coupled with sharp insights into the financial side, was impressive. She brought positive energy to the collaboration and built a solid foundation for future projects. We appreciate her work and look forward to working with Ilse again in the future! 👏"

Roel de Graaf - Directeur Netherlands Maritime Technology

"Ilse has done a strategic exploration of the offshore market for Greener, looking into the product-market fit and commercial opportunities of the market. She also did market research and business development in onshore solutions. In all of her work she combines her expertise and network with no nonsense recommendations, that are of use in our company on a daily basis. Working with Ilse is really good choice!"

Anna van Nunen - COO Greener Power Solutions