Improve Your Sales

Lets get your story straight and work on your commercial strategy!


10 Week - Sales Sprint

Introducing a new product or service in the maritime industry comes with its challenges. It's a conservative and global market, and engaging with large companies can be tough. How do you connect with the right stakeholders, understand their perspective, and close deals without spreading yourself thin?

Leveraging our extensive experience, we present the Sales Sprint. In this 10-week program, we use a structured approach to actively engage with stakeholders and create leads that convert into sales. By the end, you'll have a solid market understanding and a lasting sales strategy.


Value Proposition Workshop

A Value Proposition Workshop is a collaborative session focused on defining and refining the unique value of a product or service. Particularly valuable for the maritime industry, where new offerings often impact multiple stakeholders, the workshop helps identify key benefits, understand customer needs, and craft compelling messaging. Leveraging our market knowledge and experience, we guide participants through exercises and discussions to ensure a clear understanding of the value offered and effective communication strategies for business growth.



Our consultancy services offer expert guidance for businesses developing new products or services. We're available to address specific market questions and leverage our knowledge and network to provide comprehensive insights and connections.